Treasure Hunt!


Treasure Hunt! is a pirate-themed mystery that unfolds through a series of personalized letters, objects, documents and clues. The adventure begins with a letter from half-way around the world, a strange key and a note from a long-dead pirate who happens to be your kid’s Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather. The characters in the mystery send clues to help kids find their long-lost treasure. But you never know who you can trust, right matey? There are ciphers to crack, puzzles to solve and double-crossing pirates with schemes of their own. Who’s to know when a pirate’s telling the truth, yaarr?

Ages 8 and up, or 6-7 with help from an adult. Great for girls and boys.

Mail Order Mysteries are not for children under three. Small parts could present a choking hazard.

Customer Reviews

Based on 834 reviews
Melissa Adair
Yo Ho Ho!

The kids loved this! They had so much fun with all of it and anxiously awaited getting more info. For them, the experience was fun and unique and well worth the price.

J Davis
Creative, engaging, soooo much better than I expected!

We got this for my 8 and 10yr old girls, and I ended up loving it as much as them! They accepted the storyline as reality and were very invested in “their” ancestor’s story. It was wonderful time spent between sisters and with me, and they were so excited to get new clues, problem and puzzle solve, and lead the way to the end! Will definitely do another one.

Marlene Barker
Pirate Mystery

So fun! My grandkids, aged 7 and 4 were enthralled.

Diane Cvetich
Nieces' birthday present

They turned 8 this year and loved it. I loved that they could work on it together and they shared the little presents that came along with the mystery. They loved getting the mail. The first and second ones arrived in the wrong order but I guess were clearly marked for their parents to know so I appreciated that.

Maximilian & Wolfgang Roth
Better than Expected!

I took a chance on buying this treasure hunt program, as my son loves to try to find treasure anywhere we go. I was skeptical as to whether I had bought something that he would not like, or that potentially was unattractive when it came in. I couldn’t have been more happy, my son clambered every day for me to go to the mailbox to see if another letter or clue may have come in from one of the sources. We had hours of fun every time a new package arrived. Every package was well done, seemed out, amazingly… And the end result was so much of a pay off my son was vibrating with excitement. I recommend this to anybody who is even thinking about it… I may sound like a commercial for them or a fake review, but I am not. I am real… This was awesome!

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