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Entertaining and engaging

Our family had a blast working on theses cases and thinking creatively. My son was very excited each week to get his own mail and it was a blast to work with him on this. Excellent activity.

Great gift for kids

My grandson really enjoyed the mysteries and solving the puzzles each time they came. There was only one they could not crack. It was the safe. 🧐

Treasure Hunt!
Donna Morrison
Grandson Thrilled

This was a birthday gift for my 8 year old grandson and he loved getting weekly mail and solved the puzzles with his mom’s enthusiasm. He showed me all his clues and treasure with detailed explanations!

Best birthday present ever!

My nephew loved it!

Treasure Hunt!
Jennifer Patterson
Great gift for my mystery loving daughter

My daughter received a mail mystery kit for her birthday. She LOVED it! She checked the mail constantly she was so excited for each installation. She really enjoyed solving the mystery and it was so cute to see her so involved with something that didn’t involve a screen. I highly recommend.

An amazing adventure!

Very unique! Unlike anything I have ever done. My brother and I had the best time trying to solve these clues! If anything I would actually recommend this as birhday present as it is a gift that keeps on giving😀

Treasure Hunt!
April Showalter
Tweenage nephews LOVED it

My brother and sister-in-law didn't know this was coming in the mail for my nephews' Christmas present, and even they believed the first installment! We decided to keep it a secret from the boys, and it turned out to be such a joy to keep up with their excitement for the adventure. The artifacts are believable, the story is captivating and felt personal, and the ending was fun. We absolutely recommend Treasure Hunt for tweens.

Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys!

My granddaughter loved this mystery!

The Enchanted Slumber
Victoria Robinson
The Perfect Gift

What gift does a great grandma get for a young girl. The Mail Order mystery was the perfect gift. I talked to her about the whole experience and she was full of excitement explaining all the components she received over the weeks. She loved how each week there was more to learn. She loved the characters- I had to find a way to rescue the princess from the dragon. She told me all about the bridge and the troll and the necklace. From the great conversation we had it was clear she loved it and I was so happy to have given her the experience.
Thank you to those who put this together, it provided an opportunity for a great grandma and a great granddaughter to share something special

The Enchanted Slumber

I gave this to my grand-daughter for her birthday and she loved it.

Nephew enjoyed it

Gave it to my nephew for his 10th birthday. He really enjoyed it. He now carries his spy card with him.


This whole thing was so well executed! I assisted my bright 7yo 2nd grade granddaughter in unraveling the mysteries & accomplishing the tasks. It was pitched at the perfect level for her, as some she could complete on her own & others with my assistance. The notes & tokens & codes did a great job of holding her interest and adding to the convincing nature of the quest. The book at the end was wonderful & truly "the cherry on top". It seems fairly priced given the personalization involved. We would do it again in a heartbeat!

Amazing is the best word to describe this. My daughter was so bought into the story and I now have to tell her it’s not real. She loves this.

Fun Activity with the Kids

I did the Enchanted Slumber with my 6 and 9 year old girls. They really enjoyed getting the initial letter and subsequent mailings. My 9 year old was more invested and interested in helping crack the codes. Some of it went over my 6 year olds head and she lost interest for a while but was really brought back into the story in the end. My 9 year old was able to solve some of the riddles on her own but the codes that needed to be deciphered were a bit challenging. I enjoyed helping her with those. And it was great that if you can’t figure something out the solution would be revealed in a future mailing. I would recommend mail order mystery as a fun family activity.

10 year old loved it!

So much fun! 4th grade girl received it as a birthday gift and thoroughly enjoyed it. She worked the entire mystery in less than a week and was super excited for the last installment. This was her 2nd mystery.

Treasure Hunt!

Our grandson was checking the mailbox daily. It taught him patience- waiting for the next letter, rather than the immediate receipt of information kids are used to with their phones/internet.
He took it seriously & I cannot think of a better & more memorable gift.
Thank you for creating such a unique game!
- Grateful grandparents

The Enchanted Slumber

My granddaughters really enjoyed this experience. They looked forward to getting a letter in the mail address to them and had fun sorting through the letters and clues that were sent. They worked at figuring things out and did manage to solve the mystery before the last letter. The book they got at the end was a great surprise. They told me they would like to do another mystery. It is a unique gift and I will get them another mystery again in the near future.

Treasure Hunt!
Ron McCoy
Sibling Team Work

It was a lot of fun- two brothers 8-10 worked together on the puzzles and were very interested in the characters that were developed…greak kudos to Grandpa for the gift!

Great fun!

What a great present! My kids had so much fun over the few weeks working out the mystery. They were really excited when they figured out the clues and loved the final surprise.

My nephews loved it!


My nine year old granddaughter enjoyed it very much.

Great fun and excitement

My 9 year old looked forward to each installment of the Spy Mail Order Mystery. Some of the challenges were difficult, but there’s a parents guide that walks you turlough the challenges. She had fun. Especially with the final reveal.

The Case of the Missing Bigfoot
Katherine Ammendolia
Wonderful Experience for My Nephew

He set up a detective office and with the help of his parents went about solving the mystery. This is the second experience and there will be a third. Keep them coming!

Treasure Hunt!
Dylan Decker
So Fun!

My 6 year old son loved receiving the mail mystery packages. He was very proud to tell everyone about what he was learning and was excited each time a new letter arrived.

Just talked with Johnathon who received this as a gift from us. He loved it and I will be doing again for him next Christmas