Start Your Adventure Today 2

We deliver mysterious experiences for kids through the mail.

With a Mail Order Mystery you don't just read the story, you're a part of the story. 


Step 1 - Choose your mystery

Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys!
 Treasure Hunt!: Who knew you had a long-lost pirate ancestor? Well you do, yaar! Solve the clues to find the treasure - unless the double crossing ne'er-do-wells get there first.
Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys!: You’ve been accepted to the Spy Academy. Your training begins as soon as… Wait! Something has happened! We need your help to find a missing agent. Solve the ciphers, enter the codes and stop the evil villain before it’s too late.

The Enchanted Slumber: When is happily ever after really happily ever after? Find out for yourself when you help a curious troll, a lonesome dragon, a kind librarian and a fed-up knight wake a princess from her enchanted sleep. 

Your child receives personalized letters addressed to them from characters in the mystery. Over six weeks curious letters, parcels and objects arrive by post including artifacts like keys, old treasure maps and mysterious necklaces. There are twists and turns, ciphers and clues and at the end a very special package. 

See kids get excited about reading, problem-solving and using their imaginations instead of zoning out on screens. Mail Order Mysteries are extraordinary stories for extraordinary kids. 


The Mail Order Mystery Experience is so cool, it will make you wish you were a kid again. But don't just take our word for it....


"My daughter received her first letter yesterday and was beyond excited to tell me all about it! I mean she was just about out of breath trying to tell me all the details... It was awesome to see her like this! She even wanted me to let her go to one of the ancestry sites to see if she could find out more about her connection to the pirate in the letter... She took the letter and the clues to school today to show her best friend and the two of them sat at lunch and tried to figure out the code on the letter... I have to say, this was probably one of the best purchases I've ever made for her."
Kellie, Mom of Rylee (age 10) 


"Best $100 I have ever spent on my daughter - plus I am having fun too!"
John, Dad of Ayshia (age 8)


"My son is 12, and he is loving every minute of it. He has a white board going at all times and cannot stop raving about it. He asked me to order every single Mystery you have!  The level of difficulty is perfect. Challenging, yet he can work and solve entirely independently. I have told friends and will continue to do so. It's a terrific thing!"
Sherry, Mom of Andrew (age 12)