A M.O.M. for Mom’s Day: Is It Too Late?

Dads want to know, is it too late to get Mom a Mail Order Mystery so she can sit down and spend some genuine one-on-one time with the kids? The answer is yes and no.

Yes, it is too late if you want to surprise her with the first installment of a mystery for Mother’s Day. But it’s not too late if you want to print out a gift note announcing that a mystery is about to begin.

We believe this is a far better option anyway, because Moms don’t always like surprises. Moms like a heads-up, they like to clear the deck, they like to do their best to get things organized before they start something new.

And this is where you and the kids come in. Mom can’t really sit down at the table until the table is cleaned off. And if everything is just moved over to the counter instead of being cleaned up, Mom’s not going to stay put for long. And if the homework that was on the table is not finished and put away in the backpack, well forget about it. No one is doing anything until that homework is done.

Of course, we know you help, Dad. We’re not saying you don’t. And we know that every once in awhile the kids help, too. But Moms are used to doing a lot of things at once. And it takes some extra effort to get them to sit down. When a Mom says she needs a break, what she is really saying is that she needs help.

So this Mother’s Day, why not help Mom out? Clear the deck and help get things organized so she can sit down with the kids, crack some ciphers and solve some clues, have some laughs, make some connections, make some memories. Because even if you take exception to how much you help out, it would be hard to disagree that the time with the kids goes by too fast. For all of us.