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Treasure Hunt!
Nancy Dickson
A very original gift!

If you’re looking for a gift that challenges your child’s thinking skills—and not on a screen—this is it! Our grandkids loved it.

Was a gift for 4th grader. I enthusiastically endorse it for building reading, creative thinking and imagination skills.

Treasure Hunt!
Gail Naab
Family fun!

Love how the search is at real places. For all ages when working together

Treasure Hunt!
Aurora Alpers

Treasure Hunt!

The Case of the Missing Bigfoot

Grandsons - ages 10 and 8 - have really gotten into it. First they were amazed that the letters were addressed to them --- how did they know? I'm amazed at some of the small details they pick up on. The decoding has been great. The only problem we had was the envelopes were not marked but luckily the parent guide on the web had the contents so we were able to figure out the next steps. Definitely ordering another one when we finish this. Totally recommend this as a no-electronics family night event.

A wonderful experience, fun for the whole family!

My twin daughters were gifted "The Case of the Missing Bigfoot" and loved it! A great mix of easy enough yet challenging. I believe it would be fun for all ages. I felt like a kid again helping them with it (not sure if I was helping, or was I just excited to participate!?). I really think it was neat how you get packages mailed to your home. We couldn't wait to check the mail each day, waiting for our next clues! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun time. We look forward to doing more of these in the future! Thank you so much!

Third Mail Order Mystery for my Grandson

Perfect gift for a December birthday. Every week there is something to look forward to in the days leading up to Christmas. My grandson used the detective skills he developed while solving previous mysteries to solve his latest mystery, The Case of the Missing Bigfoot. He has loved them all. Fun for the whole family too.

So much fun!

My 8yr old absolutely immersed into this and could hardly wait for each letter to come. It was fun, well thought out and challenging. I really wish there was a sequel because she’s waiting for her next spy assignment now!

Wonderful activity!

My 7 year old son was given the treasure hunt mystery for a Christmas gift. What an incredibly fun series to work through each week. Now we are writing secret messages to each other and talking pirate! What a fun and creative product you have made for the little explorers out there! Thank you!

Treasure Hunt!
James Bowman

Treasure Hunt!

Treasure Hunt!
Dave Neuf
Arghh.. a swashbuckling adventure.

My 8-year old daughter loved this. She was telling all of her friends about letters from a mysterious stranger about a long lost pirate. Relative. She’d look forward to her weekly letters. Mom and dad provided some help solving the clues, but she was right in there. The real treasure was in the delight guessing which characters are fibbing and who’s telling the truth. Highly recommended.

Treasure Hunt!
Rebecca S Mcgaffney

Very creative and engaging

Treasure Hunt!
Diane Stanton

My grandson loved this and was very engaged each week with the activities. Is hoping to get another one next Christmas.

The Enchanted Slumber
Yarrow Dunham
A lot of fun, just the right level of difficulty, daughter was excited every week

We loved this--my 7-yr-old and I had a blast breaking the ciphers, solving the riddles, and following along with the story. She needed some help from me but was very engaged. The weekly format kept us excited about the mail for the whole duration!
I guess the very final package just being a long book instead of something more substantial that involved a final mystery or key or opening something was just a small letdown. But overall really enjoyed it and already ordered another mystery!

Treasure Hunt!
Helen Seremetis
Amazing gift

I bought the Pirate Treasure Hunt mystery for my nine year old nephew for Christmas. He loved it! From the personalized packaging to all the clues it was really great. I really enjoyed hearing about it and knowing how excited he was to receive the next clue! I highly recommend Mail Order Mystery!!

Treasure Hunt!
Jacey Schnarr
Kids couldn't put it down

My niece and nephew gave up their screen time for 3 days to plow through their mystery. My nephew is 9 and thought it was 'real' so my sister in law couldn't bear to tell him it was his birthday gift.
Happy to be the cool aunt who gifted their favourite present this year

Treasure Hunt!
Lauro Zanre
Treasure Hunt

My grandson fully enjoyed this adventure with his dad … he looked for a new clue every week .. totally would recommend


I ordered this for my seven year old grandson for Christmas. He and my daughter, his mother, looked forward to every week’s installment. It was challenging, smart, and so well thought out. I will order another and tell my friends when they are wondering what to buy their grandkids. Totally impressed at how well thought out this is.

Treasure Hunt!
John Vinge

Treasure Hunt!

Great Activity

We got this as a Christmas gift for our granddaughters - ages 9 and 7. They absolutely loved it! I will definitely be ordering another mystery next Christmas. I HIGHLY recommend this.

Treasure Hunt!
Elizabeth Quinn
Great gift idea

My granddaughters loved the mystery and the final gift!

My Grandaughter loved it!

My son said she was so engaged in the mystery and that the quality of everything she received was amazing.

Escape the Master Loop

My grandchild loved it.

Really fun for a 12 year old boy

Kept us on our toes. Thanks for the effort you put into making it exciting an exciting mystery. I also found it fun to help solve the puzzles and piece together the clues with him. He really enjoyed waiting for the next letters to arrive. The last package was a pleasant surprise he was happy to receive and utilize! Thank you.

Amazing gift

I bought this for my niece and nephew (grade 2 and 4) for Christmas and they absolutely loved it! They received their package in the mail weekly which was part of the fun. I’d highly recommend this!