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Treasure Hunt!
Lecia White
A huge hit!

My grandchildren loved this so much!

Treasure Hunt!
Martee Leonard
Great time for the whole family

I purchased this for my 6 year old grandson. He loved it. While it was a family affair - it gave us quality time together. So well written, so interactive and really great fun.

Treasure Hunt!
Heather Murphy
Beach week fun!

Our grandkids, ages 6, 4, and 3 enjoyed the daily mail that arrived at our rented beach house. They needed grown-up assists with the code breaking, and really had a lot of fun imagining what would happen. The finale was discovered on the crow’s nest and their treasure was a big hit. The six year old commented, “I don’t think this is real treasure, but it doesn’t have to be real to be fun.” The adults enjoyed it as much as the kids, and I would recommend it as a fun family activity.

Treasure Hunt!
Sarah Krueger
Would definitely recommend

The clues were fun and engaging, and it kept them entertained for hours. It was a great family activity. Highly recommend for some family fun!

Two 11 year olds

Loved this mystery. And the adults sure enjoyed observing. They seemed to wish they could have a box too. I will be ordering another if these

Treasure Hunt!
Nancy Erickson
Treasure Hunt

My grandson enjoyed doing it but he was tempted to skip to the big box. I would do the weekly delivery the next time. He just turned eight and he had no problem with the reading. I will probably order another title in the future.

The Enchanted Slumber
Lois Todd-Meyer
This Mystery Was a Hit!

My 8 year-old grandson loved The Enchanted Slumber! He only needed prompting on one of the clue puzzles, and when he finished reading the letters and solved the mystery he had his dad video call us so he could tell us about it. It made a great birthday gift.

We loved the mystery!

The Enchanted Slumber
Melaney Tinkess
Great birthday present

It was a fun experience for an 11 year old to have on his birthday. The book and necklace were great additions to the gift!

Best Mystery Box for Summer

I ordered this for my 8 yr old son and it has been a hit! He is so fascinated by each mission and it has kept him and the whole family entertained and engaged in solving the mystery. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for fun!

Treasure Hunt!
TyAnn Houston
Amazing Entertainment

I ordered this for my grands, who are 10 and 6. They really enjoyed receiving the letters and working to solve the mystery. They looked forward to each letter with excitement. My 10 year old did the reading and the six year olds help decipher the codes and solve the puzzle. When the last letter and the contents arrived they were ecstatic. They could not wait to tell their mom about it all. I loved that it is designed with personal touches. It kept my crew engaged for weeks! We will definitely do another one.

Treasure Hunt!
Nicole Nedella
So much fun!

What a great activity for my kids. It was tough but not TOO much for my 8 and 11 yo to figure out, and they really enjoyed getting their letters and deciphering the clues. There was a lot of humor in it, too, which I really enjoyed!

Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys

My granddaughter, Evelyn is 9 years old. She loves all things that includes spies, like Carmen Sandiego and solving mysteries.
She really enjoyed opening each envelope and working on the clues. She attended a summer camp on cyphers and codes so this was just a great way to add to what she had learned. She was so excited at the end to get the last clues and cool "book locker."
One of her favorite things was calling the phone number and getting information via phone, too. It was a fun thing to do together with her. She like to try another one soon.
The only negative I would say is that the price is a little high.I hope you might have a sale and offer them for slightly less than the $100 cost.

Treasure Hunt!
So fun!

Surprised my kids with the first letter and they were immediately hooked! This has added a lot of fun and excitement to their summer. Definitely recommend

Good report to Grandma

I live 3000 miles from these 2 grandkids and love to have fun surprises to send them. According to my daughter this was a big hit.

Love a Mystery

Granddaughter was so thrilled with this activity. We put up a board like a detective would have. She loved the cyphers!
I order all at once & we worked on it in our own time frame.

Kids loved it (and so did the parents)

So much fun! We had all the envelopes delivered together to our vacation house, and the kids really enjoyed solving the mystery as the week unfolded. Looking forward to doing another one next year.

Perfect gift!

Absolutely amazing! My ten year old son LOVED it. The clues were so well done and all of the game pieces and accessories were so authentic looking. It seemed real! My son’s critical thinking skills were in full force in a fun and exciting way. As a mom and as a teacher, I would highly recommend!

This was so much fun.
We are going to do more for sure.

The Enchanted Slumber
Kristen Davies Skinner
So fun

The story is so cute. My daughter is a reluctant reader and she devours the letters. Loves decoding the clues.

Treasure Hunt!
BobbieJo DeBellefeuille

Treasure Hunt!

Fun for all ages!

My daughter was THRILLED from the very first letter she opened up. When I say she eagerly waited for the weekly delivery, I am not exaggerating. She ripped into each one and tried her very best to solve each clue. She is telling everybody about her new title. We highly recommend this for anyone who likes spy stuff, puzzles and brain teasers, or fun!

Treasure Hunt!
Fulton Oehl
Nephew was so excited

Nephew, 8 years old was so excited to check the mail each week. He really got it not the personalized message and letters. He did need a little parental help, but the mystery was a hit with him.

Bigfoot Mystery

My son and I really enjoyed the weekly mystery envelopes. There was only one puzzle clue that we found too hard and needed to get some help for it. But overall we enjoyed it. He has asked to get another one.

How adorable!

I ordered this as something for my kids to do this summer when boredom hit. Every kit far exceeded my expectations, and my kids couldn’t wait to receive their next mail each week! The mysteries were challenging, but not too hard, and really just the thrill of mystery was so cute and fun to watch as they worked to solve the challenge each week. Highly recommend, and I would definitely order from this company again.