The Enchanted Slumber


In this fairy-tale themed mystery, a knight, a troll, a librarian and a dragon need the help of a brave and clever kid to help them wake a princess who has been asleep for 699 years. Kids receive personalized letters, many of them in wax-sealed parchment envelopes that contain objects, ciphers and clues.

The Enchanted Slumber was written by a Mom, illustrated by a Mom and designed by a Mom. The story has strong messages about love, friendship and working together to face seemingly insurmountable tasks.

Ages 8 and up, or 6-7 with help from an adult. Great for girls and boys.

Mail Order Mysteries are not for children under three. Small parts could present a choking hazard.

Customer Reviews

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Ivy Hess
Even more magical than I expected!

I bought The Enchanted Slumber for my 9 year old daughter for Christmas. She loves mystery books and solving puzzles. I chose to have the mystery mailed weekly which made it SO fun. She checked the mailbox daily and dove right into the challenges. Not only is the process educational and exciting, the tangible clues (charms, keys, script letters) were so professional and gave the mystery a real-life feel. The book in the end was a total surprise and a perfect "keepsake" for all the work she had done. Worth every penny!!

Heidi T

My 7 year old LOVED this. All the materials were super high quality - from the crinkled old paper to the hand written calligraphy to the real metal necklaces. I was constantly amazed by the creativity that went into creating the physical materials that were sent. We loved figuring out the puzzles together - they were hard! I will say there is NO way my very smart child could have solved the codes on her own without parent assistance. I would buy this again in a heartbeat for her!

Ali Adams

My niece loved it. Age 10.

Lisa N
Super fun idea

My daughter loved this so much. I even bought a few more props to add to the fun.

Barb Alguire
Enchanted Slumber

Amelia really enjoyed this mystery. I gave her each envelope on a MOnday following her birthday March 14 so she just finished last week. She learned a lot and had a great time. A good birthday gift and so different than anything she ever got before.

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