The Enchanted Slumber

The Enchanted Slumber

A Knight, a Troll, a Librarian and a Dragon need your help to wake a princess who has been asleep for 699 years. There’s no time to lose - as soon as she hits the year 700 - poof! That’s it! The Princess turns to dust. Can you solve the ciphers, crack the clues and put the pieces together in time? Can you do what no one else has been able to do in the last seven centuries? Have you got what it takes to be an unsuspecting Hero? In this twisting, turning take on an old fairy tale, nothing is as it seems.

The Enchanted Slumber was written by a Mom, illustrated by a Mom and designed by a Mom. The story has strong messages about love, friendship and working together to face seemingly insurmountable tasks. 

Ages 8 and up, or 6-7 with help from an adult (see FAQ for more info). Great for girls and boys.

For a detailed look at what you'll get in each mailing of The Enchanted Slumber click here. Warning: The surprise could be compromised.

Mail Order Mysteries are not for children under three. Small parts could present a choking hazard.