The Enchanted Slumber

The Enchanted Slumber

In this fairy-tale themed mystery, a knight, a troll, a librarian and a dragon need the help of a brave and clever kid to help them wake a princess who has been asleep for 699 years. Each week for six weeks kids receive personalized letters, many of them in wax-sealed parchment envelopes that contain objects, ciphers and clues. Enchanted Slumber is a twisting, turning take on an old fairy tale: the knight is lazy, the wicked queen feels remorse, the troll loves to read and happy endings don’t happen without effort and teamwork. Kids aren’t just part of the story, they are the heroes of the story.

The Enchanted Slumber was written by a Mom, illustrated by a Mom and designed by a Mom. The story has strong messages about love, friendship and working together to face seemingly insurmountable tasks. 

Ages 8 and up, or 6-7 with help from an adult (see FAQ for more info). Great for girls and boys.

Enchanted Slumber is a six week subscription containing five lettermail envelopes and a final package.

For a detailed look at what you'll get in each mailing of The Enchanted Slumber click here. Warning: The surprise could be compromised.

Mail Order Mysteries are not for children under three. Small parts could present a choking hazard.

Customer Reviews

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She felt so smart

My 8 year old Grand Daughter was challenged and excited to get each installment. She needed a little help at first but learned how to solve each one. The souvenirs were perfect.

So great!

We had so much fun doing our mail order mystery (The Enchanted Slumber) & it was both a learning opportunity & play. Thank you!

The Enchanted Slumber

The kids had great fun with this one! Boy age 11 & girl age 13 were amazing at figuring out the codes as well as the riddles! Mail for kids is always so exciting for them. Thank you for this as no one mails anything any more and it is sad! They loved the necklaces & wear them often. The book was beautiful! Thank you again for the treat for summer!!

My son basically learned to read from the book!

We have bought our son several Mail Order Mysteries over the years. Enchanted Slumber was the second mystery we bought him. I have to admit, I didn’t think this one would hold his attention as much as the first one (Treasure Hunt) did. Boy, was I wrong. If anything, he was even more engaged with this story. He especially empathized with the Troll (he was delighted when he wrote the Troll…and the Troll wrote him back!). As before, he very much enjoyed getting his own mail, and took an active role in unravelling the codes (though he did need some help from time to time). As with the other mysteries, this one provides a present in the last mailing. The present for this one was a book about the various characters in the mystery. My son LOVED that book! Not only did he ask me to read it to him repeatedly, he also brought it back and forth to school for a week and basically learned to read using this book. It was the first book he showed any interest in reading himself (now it’s hard to get his nose out of a book).

A magical adventure

Mystery, magic and fantastic medieval adventure. It was surprising to receive those letters. My daughter wasn’t sure about the reality of it at first, but she just went on and took her roleplay seriously. She was proud to discover secret codes and be a part in the « save the princess team ».
She was a little bit disappointing because it was only a story (she would like meeting with troll...)
Thanks for your creativity.