The Case of the Missing Bigfoot

Series of clues from detective mystery for kids

An old mansion. A dinner party about to begin. The lights go out, there’s an upset in the dining room, an upset in the upstairs hall. The lights come on, the safe is open and the contents are gone. Who did it? The detectives on the scene need the help of a keen and curious young sleuth to help them solve the case. 

And by the way, the mansion is not far from where you live. A big hairy creature that may or may not be Bigfoot was recently spotted in the area. You haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary, have you?

Ages 9 and up. Great for girls and boys. The Case of the Missing Bigfoot is certified “not scary” (but extremely cool) by our Very Nervous Story Tester.

Mail Order Mysteries are not for children under three. Small parts could present a choking hazard.

Customer Reviews

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Great Family Fun!

We really enjoyed working on this mystery together as a family. My 6 and 8 year old were really interested in the overall theme of The Case of the Missing Bigfoot. I did have to help them with some of the reading, but I think that a nine or 10 year old would be able solve this one mostly on their own.


My son really enjoyed the treat of getting a letter in the mail and solving secret codes and the backpack and journal. It was a lot of reading, but we made it an activity to do together. It was lots of fun!

Laura Weekes Welland Honda

We really enjoyed this as a family. It took us 4 hours start to finish. The clues were well thought out and was challenging without being frustrating. My ASD teen throughly enjoyed the cryptology and the gift at the end. Thank you for a great experience, we plan to do more!

Very Good

I was impressed with this, it builds excitement every week, waiting each week for that new package to come in the mail. The tension really builds up throughout the storyline. Were well written sentences. I love how it included my name and all of the info about me. Very thought out and clever. Nice prize at the end. It makes you feel like a real detective. 5 stars!!!

Melissa Acierno
Great activity

My son loved solving this mystery, it was engaging and exciting.