The Case of the Missing Bigfoot

The Case of the Missing Bigfoot

An old mansion. A dinner party about to begin. The lights go out, there’s an upset in the dining room, an upset in the upstairs hall. The lights come on, the safe is open and the contents are gone. Who did it? 

The detectives on the scene need the help of a keen and curious young sleuth to help them solve the case. Kids receive a series of personalized letters containing all sorts of evidence and clues: “crime scene” photos, fingerprint reports, interview transcripts, ciphers and a suspect board to help keep track of the case.

 And by the way, the mansion is not far from where you live. A big hairy creature that may or may not be Bigfoot was recently spotted in the area. You haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary, have you?

Ages 9 and up (see FAQ for more info). Great for girls and boys. The Case of the Missing Bigfoot is certified “not scary” (but extremely cool) by our Very Nervous Story Tester.

The Case off the Missing Bigfoot is a six week subscription containing five lettermail envelopes and a final package.

For a detailed look at what you'll get in each mailing of The Case of the Missing Bigfoot click here. Warning: The surprise could be compromised.

Mail Order Mysteries are not for children under three. Small parts could present a choking hazard.

Customer Reviews

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Cryptid fun!

I ordered this for my nephew (a young 13) and we did it together every step of the way. We had a great time breaking codes, and he LOVED having the cards with suspects - he moved them around as we got new information and thought that was fun! It did feel like it ended rather abruptly - we definitely wanted more!

Lots of fun

Our 11-year-old wasn’t quite sure what to make of the first instalment... but by the second he was hooked. It was fun for all of us to see what arrived in each envelope. The mystery was intriguing and writing was clever and quirky—reminded me of the Lemony Snickett series. It made a great, unique birthday gift. He’s already hoping for another one next year.

Bigfoot = BigFUN!

The kids absolutely loved this!


My kids were riveted! The neighbors were helping and we also did parts as a family. It was fun on our own schedule that also kept them thinking. CANNOT WAIT for our next one.

Great way to bond with 10 yr old

Gave this to 10 year old daughter as Christmas present. It gave special one-on-one time with myself, her, and Dad. The puzzles were just challenging enough to still be fun.