Escape the Master Loop

Escape the Master Loop

Everyone knows there are rules to time travel. Don’t change the past. Don’t leave anything behind. Don’t bring anything back with you. But what happens if you break those rules? You will soon find out. You are about to receive an urgent message from your future self: you have caused some serious mishaps in the time travel universe. You must work together - by which we mean future you and present you - to fix your mistakes. And don’t let the time police catch on! There are only so many stern warnings they will issue before they confiscate your time pod and leave you stranded in whatever year you happen to be in.

An excellent “family” mystery, and great for kids age 9 to 109.

Mail Order Mysteries are not for children under three. Small parts could present a choking hazard.

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Very Satisfied 1st time Customer
Clever, tricky, surprising and challenging (in a good way)

12 yo was not interested, almost-10 yo couldn't get enough of it, almost 6-yo was intrigued. Escape the Master Loop provided a way to introduce different perspectives and to look at the big picture when searching for the small clues. The presentation was flawless. The 10 yo loves working out mysteries and enjoyed the challenges. She learned to formulate theories, to consider other's perspectives and took great pride and satisfaction in proving a theory correct. Introduced many concepts and skills -- time travel; how the past/future influences events; listening carefully and thoughtfully before making a decision; ciphers and codes; awareness that a solution may be right in front of you; patience, persistence and the value of taking a break. The 10 yo sought assistance, others' participation and handled roadblocks demonstrating and encouraging team building and leadership skills.
With the entire mystery sent All-in-one- box, we hid each packet somewhere in the house, one packet at a time, when she was ready for the next packet and the mystery spanned 3-4 days.
Once the mystery was solved, the 12 yo and almost-6 yo wanted to be a part of the "game" whereby learning of loss when not applying oneself, hard work and persistence.

Ellen Barron
Great family adventure

I gave this to my son. He tells me the kids (9 and 12) love working out this mystery. The whole family works on it together. He likes the fact everyone has a part to play in solving puzzles and problems.

Jessie Kriech-Higdon
Christmas gift for my nephews

My sister-in-law said it was wonderful and she hadn't seen her two boys (ages 8 and 13) work on something together and peacefully for a very long time. Definitely recommend!!

Rick Fleharty
Lot of Fun

Our family had a great afternoon solving this mystery.

Kendra T.
Excellent Family Time

Our family of 4 has really enjoyed this. Ages 12, 8 , 46 and 41. We have spread it out over a few evenings. There is something that everyone can work on and lots of opportunity to work together. I would not hesitate to order another one and order "Escape the Master Loop" as a gift or recommend it.