Delivery Options

We love getting letters in the mail, but lettermail can be a bit unpredictable. If you choose "Send Weekly" be aware that some installments may arrive more slowly than others, or even arrive out of sequence. If you are worried about potential mail delays, please choose our "All in One Box" option.

All in One Box

Send Weekly

  • We send all six installments together in one box with tracking info.
  • Orders are shipped within a few days.
  • No waiting for letters means complete control over the pace of the mystery. You choose when to start each clue.
  • The envelopes inside the box have the child's name and address on them, so you can sneak the letters into the mailbox for kids to find.

  • Choose this option if you want the mystery to arrive by a certain date or if you want to take the mystery on a trip away from home.

  • The best option for anyone in the US or Canada with unreliable or unpredictable mail delivery

  • We mail one installment per week for six weeks.
  • You pick which date the first letter is mailed. It will take at least 2-10 business days for the first letter to be delivered.
  • Most installments are sent lettermail with no tracking info.
  • The speed at which mail moves through the postal system is not precise, so delivery times can vary. It's possible that mail delays could cause letters to arrive out of sequence.

  • Kids experience the joy of getting their own mail.

  • The envelopes are numbered on the back so you can make sure they arrive in the correct order. Please check the numbers carefully to make sure that you open them in the right sequence.