How it works

1. Choose which Mail Order Mystery experience you'd like to order

2. Select your delivery method. We can send your mystery packed together in one box or mail each installment separately, once a week, for six weeks.

3. Let us know who the mystery is for so we can personalize the letters. A mystery can be shared by more than one kid, but if you are ordering more than one mystery please place your orders separately.

 4. You will receive an order confirmation and a link for a gift note that you can download and print.

5. Before starting the mystery make sure to read the Parent/Guardian letter with information about what to expect and how to get help if you need it. If you order "All in One Box" the letter will be printed and shipped with your installments. If you select "Send Weekly" we will email the letter to the parent/guardian shortly before the mystery begins. We also have an online parent guide which contains hints for every puzzle and activity in each mystery.

6. The envelopes are numbered on the back so it’s clear which order to open them.