Perplexing puzzles. Curious clues. Twisting plots. Adventure and intrigue.

No batteries required. 

Extraordinary stories for extraordinary kids.

Check the mailbox and expect the unexpected.  

  • Curious letters, parcels and objects arrive by post
  • A mystery unfolds, one mailing at a time
  • Packages could come from anywhere, from anyone, from any time. There could be clues from another galaxy, warnings from long-dead pirates, letters from the future
  • Solve the puzzles, crack the codes, put the pieces together
  • You don’t just read the story, you are part of the story

"I would love to have gotten something like that in the mail when I was a kid!"
Linnea, Mom of William and Spencer (age 9 and 7)

"This is so cool, wow, amazing." 
Frida (age 13)

"Max bellowed with joy when the second installment arrived. He is absolutely loving the experience! And haunting the mailbox!"
Elyse, Mom of Max 
(age 11)