Treasure Hunt!

Pirate ship image from Treasure Hunt mystery gift

Treasure Hunt! is a pirate-themed mystery that unfolds through a series of personalized letters, objects, documents and clues. The adventure begins with a letter from half-way around the world, a strange key and a note from a long-dead pirate who happens to be your kid’s Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather. The characters in the mystery send clues to help kids find their long-lost treasure. But you never know who you can trust, right matey? There are ciphers to crack, puzzles to solve and double-crossing pirates with schemes of their own. Who’s to know when a pirate’s telling the truth, yaarr?

Ages 8 and up, or 6-7 with help from an adult. Great for girls and boys.

Mail Order Mysteries are not for children under three. Small parts could present a choking hazard.

Customer Reviews

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Marc House
Wonderful product!

The kids had an absolute blast with this!! Highly recommend.

Tracie Shaw
Kid’s having a grand time

I purchased this for my daughter and her friends to do during summer. My daughter has always wanted to be related to a pirate, and the boys next door and her always play the “Pavy” in the pool. In case you didn’t know, the Pavy is the Pirate Navy. They are really enjoying the cryptograms and letters. The old looking treasure map was great, but the treasure was enjoyed by all. My daughter knows it’s not real, but the boys aren’t quite sure. Next summer they will be doing the big foot mystery.

Robyn Smith
Treasure Hunt

My grandkids in one state and great nieces/nephews in another state both loved solving the mysteries. We will continue to periodically purchase especially when they have down time. Thanks!

Alexandra Zimbelman
My god daughter loved it!

She loved the activities and wanted to run out and get the mail every week when it arrives! One thing I will share is that her mother said it was a bit too advanced for an eight-year-old so you might want to look at having kids a little bit older than this for the specific activity set.

Donna Mitchell
Challenging and fun

My eight year old grandson loves the Pirate Mystery. We are already writing letters to each other using the Pirate Code. The treasure box was a perfect way to conclude the mystery. Great product and will buy a different one next summer for him.