Escape the Master Loop

Escape the Master Loop

Everyone knows there are rules to time travel. Don’t change the past. Don’t leave anything behind. Don’t bring anything back with you. But what happens if you break those rules? You will soon find out. You are about to receive an urgent message from your future self: you have caused some serious mishaps in the time travel universe. You must work together - by which we mean future you and present you - to fix your mistakes. And don’t let the time police catch on! There are only so many stern warnings they will issue before they confiscate your time pod and leave you stranded in whatever year you happen to be in.

An excellent “family” mystery, and great for kids age 9 to 109.

Mail Order Mysteries are not for children under three. Small parts could present a choking hazard.

Customer Reviews

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Angela Griffin
Perfect birthday gift!

My daughter (11) loves your mysteries. She’s done them all so I was very excited to see you had a new one! Got it for her birthday and she opened one clue a day to stretch it out. So much fun, please make more!

Rebecca S.
Great fun!

Such a fun way to spend time together as a family! My 10 and 12 year old daughters were definitely challenged by it.

Heather Curtis
You all have outdone yourselves

Escape the Timeloop is a masterpiece. You have truly outdone yourselves. All the art is amazing and the level of detail is fantastic. My child and I have thoroughly enjoyed solving this mystery. Bravo!!!!

Andrea Gatewood
Loved it!!!

This our 3rd or 4th (?) Mail Order Mystery and now our all-time favorite. There was a perfect amount of “work” for both my kids to participate, but they loved it so much that they actually would each work independently and then compare answers. We began to ration our activities because they didn’t want the fun to end - in fact they still refuse to solve the final puzzle!
The production value of these mysteries is always so very impressive, but I have to say that the artwork in this one was even more dazzling than I he other mysteries we’ve enjoyed.
There were one or two tiny typos (I think?) where the year of a painting didn’t match, but I’m certain these will be quickly caught and addressed in future printings. Honestly, I’d enthusiastically recommend this to any family with curious kiddos. Thank you so much and we’re ready for more time travel!

Fun and exciting

Every week my grandson received a letter, he brought it straight to me so we could go through it together. He was thrilled to receive the final package. Mystery and treasure! Great job! I'll definitely do more.