Add Some Magic to the Easter Basket! 🐰

We love Easter, even though we never understood how or why it all fits together - the magical rabbit, the chocolate, the egg hunt. But why question it? Kids don’t. Of course a bunny materializes while they are sleeping and hides chocolate eggs in their shoes.  

Kids are magical thinkers, and this is one of the reasons why Mail Order Mysteries make such great Easter gifts. Kids love the idea that they could have a real pirate ancestor (with the same last name as them!) who has left behind real pirate treasure. They love the idea that they could be getting letters from knights, trolls and dragons. They love the idea that someone has nominated them for admission to a top secret spy school. They love the idea that a pair of detectives need their help solving a curious crime that may or may not involve Bigfoot. 

In past years, when a global pandemic wasn’t messing with the postal system, people would order Mail Order Mysteries to be sent in weekly installments. They would place the first letter in the Easter basket and then the rest of the letters would arrive in the mail, a week apart. Because letter mail continues to be unreliable, we only offer the option of “all in one box” right now. This means that we pack the installments together and ship it all at once. 

The boxes are too big to fit inside an Easter basket, but the good news is that the letters inside are packaged to look like real letters, with kids’ names on them, so you can still put the first envelope in the Easter basket. You can hand out the rest of the letters at your own pace, or stash them in the mailbox for kids to find. Or you could even hide them around the house with the Easter eggs. Just remember to check the numbers on the backs of the envelopes and make sure kids open them in the correct order!