ATTENTION: Spring Break Ahead ⚠️

Spring Break Ahead

Depending on where you live, Spring Break may still a few weeks away, maybe more. But here's the thing. Spring Break sneaks up on you. It seems so far away. Until it isn't. 

Every year we remind ourselves: “Spring Break is coming! Make a plan or you’ll be sorry!” And then Spring Break comes around, we don’t have a plan and we are plenty sorry.

So here is a plan, or at least part of a plan. Order a Mail Order Mystery. If you choose our "All in One Box" delivery option, we'll ship all six installments out now. You can stash them away and have them ready to go for your Spring Break. The kids will have something to look forward to every day. And if you're planning a trip, you can take the mystery with you.

Then when the kids say “I’m bored”, or you say “get off those screens and find something to do”, you can slip them another clue. And your Junior Agents, Treasure-Hunters and Noble Oath-Swearers can spend their Spring Break solving ciphers and clues, catching plotting villains and joining forces with dragons and trolls.