Bigfoot Is Back (In Stock)

Bigfoot can be an elusive creature. And proof of the existence of the ape-like beast often comes in the form of fuzzy photographs or shaky videos. But Bigfoot has proven to be just as elusive here at Mail Order Mystery. Our detective experience The Case of the Missing Bigfoot has been sold out for a number of weeks. 

But today we have some good news! We can't confirm the existence of the mysterious beast, but we can confirm that The Case of the Missing Bigfoot is available for sale once again.

This is excellent news for junior detectives who have been waiting to solve our intriguing whodunnit. And the detectives on the scene of the crime desperately need the help of a keen and curious young sleuth to help them solve the case. 

The Case of the Missing Bigfoot has six installments with material from those detectives on the scene. They send all sorts of evidence, objects and clues, including “crime scene” photos, fingerprint reports, interview transcripts, ciphers and a suspect board to help keep track of the case.