Burying Treasure in the Backyard & Fear of Bigfoot: Our Fave Reviews

We love hearing from you. We love it when your kids send us the questionnaires they fill out when they are accepted to spy school. We love it when your kids send us letters with answers to the riddles from Smaul the Troll in our Enchanted Slumber mystery. We love it when your kids write us letters telling us not to trust certain characters in the mysteries. We love it when you post photos of your kids solving their mysteries. And we really love it when you write to tell us how much your kids love their mysteries. 

This fall we started posting reviews on our website and there are some great ones. Here are some of our favourites: 

Tricked Our Kid into thinking Our Family is Way Cooler
We bought this as one of our eight year olds Christmas gifts. He LOVED it. He looked forward to every delivery and is now entirely convinced we’re related to pirates.
-Declan Noffke

My son basically learned to read from the book!

Enchanted Slumber was the second mystery we bought him….The present for this one was a book about the various characters in the mystery. My son LOVED that book! Not only did he ask me to read it to him repeatedly, he also brought it back and forth to school for a week and basically learned to read using this book. It was the first book he showed any interest in reading himself (now it’s hard to get his nose out of a book).
 -Samantha B.

We have an official spy in our house!
Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys was a gift to my spy-loving daughter last Christmas...My daughter legitimately thought and still thinks she is a spy. It was a great family activity every time a new mailing was received. It was so much fun solving the mystery.
- Isabella Gloede

Great for my sons!
My almost 7 year old had developed an irrational fear of Bigfoot, so I signed up for this mystery to make it less scary. He and his brother, age 9, eagerly anticipate the mailings and work on the codes together. The Suspect List is on my wall right now!...Thanks MOM!

Treasure Hunt
My grandson did not seem too interested in the early mailings. ...But when the final package came, he went all in. Wouldn't let his mother touch the treasure because she would become cursed, and then buried it in the backyard with a marker and sign warning people not to dig it up. But he kept the shark's tooth with him. Arrrr!
-William Bean

Mystery of Bigfoot
This was a birthday gift for our grandson. He enjoyed it immensely. His family followed up with a trip to a bigfoot museum!
- Thomas Wilkerson

SO much fun!
Did the Pirate mystery over the summer, and my whole family loved it! My kiddo is still truly convinced it was authentic, and that we have pirates in the family :) He keeps his treasure in the wonderful chest that arrived at the end along with new bits he collects....says every good pirate needs a hoard.
- Shannon B

She felt so smart
My 8 year old Grand Daughter was challenged and excited to get each installment. She needed a little help at first but learned how to solve each one. The souvenirs were perfect.
Lauren R

Beautiful Attention to Detail
I was amazed by the beauty and attention to detail in the final mailing. The whole experience didn't feel in any way, shape, or form, mass produced. We We think a Mail Order Mystery is the best gift idea ever!
-Austen Estey

So much fun!
My son loved every mailing! It was THE dinner table topic.

Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys was a hit with teens!
I ordered the S,L, & SBG for my tween & teen to work on together and it was a huge success. ...It was enough of a challenge to hold the attention of a 12 & 15 year old and silly enough to enjoy it together. I'm sending one to my adult friend for his birthday and would recommend it for anyone, at any age.
- Talia and Sebastian Patton

If you’re thinking of buying a mystery as a gift this holiday season, there’s still time. Our next ship date is this Thursday, December 19th. And we’ll be accepting orders to go out on the 19th until Sunday at midnight. So hurry!