Curious About Our New Detective Mystery?

Maybe you've seen our new detective mystery The Case of the Missing Bigfoot. And maybe you've wondered what it's like for young sleuths trying to crack the case. Well, we think this wonderful review from This West Coast Mommy captures the experience really well.

This West Coast Mommy and her kids have also done Treasure Hunt! (our pirate mystery) and Enchanted Slumber (our fairy tale mystery) and loved them both. So they have a great sense of how our new detective mystery compares. (They love it!) And we absolutely love all the photos of the young sleuths as they analyze “crime scene” photos, fingerprint reports, interview transcripts, ciphers, clues and map it all out on the suspect board.

They also tried the mystery using our "all in one box" option where we send all of the installments together in one box so you can dole them out. It's perfect if you're about the head out on a holiday road trip or want to keep your kids busy over winter break. If you're interested in this option just contact us as soon as you place your order.

If you're thinking of ordering a mystery for this Christmas there's still time. And we offer printable gift notes if you want something to give on Christmas day.