Looking For Experience Gifts?

We love experience gifts. They are great when you are feeling adventurous and creative about gift giving, but they are also great when you are out of ideas.

If you’ve got a tween in your life you know what we are talking about. Toy store shelves are no longer heaped with plastic potential like they once were. A shiny truck or fancy doll just won’t cut it. And for sure, kids love video games, but are they sucking the life out of your relationship with them? They are in our house, that’s for sure. An experience gift, though? That’s something you can talk about. That is something you can do together. 

​Here are some of our favorite ideas for experience gifts:

💡 A membership to a museum, art gallery or science centre. We sure missed these things during the dark days of covid, and we are happy to have them back. 

💡 Tickets to a concert, event or show. 

💡 A family trip. During lockdown last year we started planning an imaginary “trip around the world” and it turned into a fun research project for the whole family. Even better? A real trip!

💡 A night in a hotel. 

💡 A spa day.

💡 A family adventure like go-karting, bungee jumping, tree-top trekking, an escape room, a day at a parkour or a climbing gym.

💡 A class that you can take together: baking, cooking, drawing, painting, sewing, glass-blowing, woodworking, chocolate making. The sky's the limit here. 

💡 If you don’t have access to in-person classes, there are some fantastic options online. Masterclass has a huge database of lectures by people who are masters of their crafts. And if you are looking for something more hands-on, has intensive 30 day courses on songwriting, singing, dancing, creative baking (We ❤️ Christina Tosi), sneaker making, music production and creative engineering with one of the internet’s most beloved science YouTubers, Mark Rober (We seriously ❤️ Mark Rober).

💡 Sporting equipment for the whole family: skis, skates, snowshoes, snorkel gear, surfboards, squash racquets….and anything else you can think of that starts with “S”. 

💡 Board games, card games and family-friendly party games (like one of our faves, Cards Against Humanity Family Edition).

💡 And, of course, the experience gift you didn’t even know you were looking for: a Mail Order Mystery. Mail Order Mysteries are personalized, story adventures with clues to solve, ciphers to crack and twisting turning plots that will keep you guessing what’s going to happen next. This is the kind of fun that the whole family can get in on.