Mail Order Mystery Inspires Kids to Demand Airplane Tickets for Real Life Treasure Hunt!


All of our mysteries are a mix of fact and fiction, and for a curious kid, a Mail Order Mystery can be a springboard for the soaring imagination. We once received a letter from a parent who was super peeved at us because her kids were finishing up the Treasure Hunt mystery and were demanding airplane tickets to the Seychelle Islands so they could keep searching for pirate treasure.

We were entirely sympathetic, of course, because it’s hard to say no to kids, even when they are begging for plane tickets. We were also kind of thrilled, though. Her kids were so into the mystery that they actually wanted to fly halfway around the world to look for treasure.

And who can blame them? According to local legend there is a bounty of elaborately hidden pirate treasure in and around the Indian Ocean that’s never been found, despite decades of searching. You can read more about the true story that inspired our Treasure Hunt Mystery. 

For the record, most of the letters we get from parents are enthusiastically positive. Like the one we received a few weeks ago from Jamey, Mom of Willem:

"Thank you so, so much for such a wonderful pirate adventure! My son Will couldn't have been more excited whenever the letters came in the mail with more details, and became more involved and fascinated with each envelope he received.

Today he received the treasure box... wow! You did an amazing job curating amazing treasure pieces. I wish I could relay in writing the pride he has in having his great, great, great, et al. grandfather's shark's tooth. And the box itself is so precious to him.

Will told me he is so happy! Every piece in your envelopes, every bit of treasure, and his new chest is loved, and means so much to him."

Thank you, Jamey, for the amazing note. And thank you to all the other parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends who take the time to write us such awesome letters. Your kind words are the best kind of treasure.