Mystery Mastery: Check Out These Reviews From Quarantine!

We were positive that Mail Order Mysteries would make fantastic activities for kids stuck at home. We know this because we have been cooped up with bored, irritable and bewildered kids for months now. But it means everything to us when we hear it from you. And you agree! Mail Order Mysteries do make fantastic activities for kids stuck at home!

Check out these excellent reviews:

Best sibling bonding

I admit, I ordered this as a desperation activity in quarantine. My daughters (12 and 10) loved it. It was engaging, age appropriate, and fun. We ordered the whole kit in one package and I had to take envelopes away to make them space it out. Great activity and cannot wait to order another one.
-Olivia and Meredith C.

Surprisingly Excellent!
When summer camps were cancelled, I got the Bigfoot mystery for my 9 (almost 10) year old daughter and wasn’t sure what to expect because she’s a very active kid and she is absolutely LOVING this! She’s addicted! I haven’t seen her this excited about something non-sports related in a long time! She didn’t want to go to bed! I’m definitely going to order another mystery when she completes this one!
-Michele C.

Quarantine Salvation

Good sibling bonding happening while they investigate this case! Thankful for non tech collaboration this month during stay at home orders.
-Caroline and Kyra B.

Enchanted Slumber

Our granddaughters 5 and 7 (and even 2.5) are loving this mystery. Dad made them swords and they are practicing so they can slay dragons. Everyone is getting into it. Just the thing to add something different, fun, and a bit of learning during the pandemic.

Perfect gift
Best gift I could imagine and at the best time. My nephew turned 8yo at the beginning of the Corona lockdowns. The whole set was mailed to his parents who hid each week’s package in their mailbox for him to find. For two months he happily ran to the mailbox to discover an activity package with stories etc. The final package was a treasure chest of which he played with for a long time. Just awesome.
-Madeleine K.