Surprise Your Kids with a Mysterious Valentine’s Gift

The answer is always love. That's the main message of The Enchanted Slumber, where this beautiful illustration comes from. And while The Enchanted Slumber may be our favorite Valentine’s mystery, every one of our adventures makes a perfect Valentine's Day surprise.

A Mail Order Mystery is a wonderful way to do something special for - and with - your kids. It’s a gift of imagination and intrigue, and a rare opportunity to get them off their screens, at least for a while. So brighten up those dark winter days with some mystery, adventure and something for your kids to look forward to in the mailbox.

Order our "All in One Box" delivery option today and your mystery should be delivered before February 14, so you can stash it away and hand out the first clue on Valentine's Day. Or order our "Send Weekly" delivery option and if you select February 8th as the day for us to mail the first letter, it should arrive around or just after Valentine's Day.