Take a (Spring) Break with a Mail Order Mystery

We all know spring break isn’t really a break. It is a break from some things: lunches, homework,early morning practices. But it’s sure as heck not a break from others: bickering, boredom, screen-begging. Those are not things you can ignore. Those are not things that will just go away. If you want a break this spring break you need a plan. You need to keep the kids occupied. Or even better, engaged. Or better yet, swept up in an extraordinary story in which your kid is the hero and the star.

Mail Order Mysteries are story adventures that unfold through a series of letters, all personally addressed to your kids from the characters in the stories. There are ciphers, clues and curious objects: necklaces etched with codes, ancient maps, mysterious photographs, wax-sealed missions. secret safes, pirate treasure and more, yaar.     

There are four Mail Order Mysteries to choose from:

The pirate-themed Treasure Hunt

The fairy-tale themed Enchanted Slumber

The espionage-themed Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys

The detective-themed Case of the Missing Bigfoot

Our mysteries normally ship once a week for six weeks, but if you want to keep your kids busy over the week of spring break you can have your mystery shipped all in one box so you can dole out the letters at whatever pace you like. Just contact us with your shipping request as soon as you place your order.