The Perfect Last Minute Gift 🎁

As parents, we know this is a hectic time of year. Despite best intentions it’s easy to fall behind on holiday gift shopping. That list of creative ideas from a month ago becomes a frantic late night trip to the mall. 

So just a reminder that a Mail Order Mystery is a perfect last-minute gift. At this point we can’t deliver before Christmas, but after you place an order, you can download a special gift note that you can print out (or even email) letting a child know that they’re about to receive a Mail Order Mystery. Give them the note as a gift and we’ll ship out the first installment on whatever date you choose.

Or choose our “All in One Box” option and we’ll send all the installments in one box so they can be doled out as quickly (or slowly) as you like. It makes a perfect activity for the first week of January before the kids go back to school.

Happy Holidays! And good luck with all that last minute shopping.