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What is Mail Order Mystery?

A Mail Order Mystery is a personalized, immersive story experience for kids that arrives in the mail.

Each mystery unfolds through a series of installments. The child gets personalized letters from the characters in the mystery as well as objects and clues (spy gadgets, keys, pirate maps, necklaces etched with ciphers and so on). There are are codes to crack, puzzles to solve, red herrings and twisting plots - all part of an ongoing story that resolves in the final package which includes an artifact or collection of keepsakes that are part of the mystery’s resolution.

We have a pirate themed mystery called Treasure Hunt!

A spy-themed experience called Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys!

A fairy tale themed mystery called The Enchanted Slumber

A classic detective whodunnit called The Case of the Missing Bigfoot

A time travel caper called Escape the Master Loop

We're based in Toronto, Canada. We launched in November 2015 and have shipped mystery experiences all over the world. 

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What age is it for?

Mail Order Mysteries are for kids between 8 and 13 (that impossible to buy for age when kids don't want more toys and parents can’t get them off screens) but we are also getting great feedback from kids who are younger, older, and parents who tell us that the whole family loves the experience. Children 6-7 years old may need some help with the reading and the clues, but younger kids can be especially fun to experience a mystery with as they tend to buy into the whole story. 


The origin story

The business was born out of my own experience with my own kids. I’m a mom with two teenagers, age 13 and 16. I wanted to create a storytelling, problem-solving experience that engages kids as completely as the video games they love so much, but without the technology. 


I'm writing a review, are there things I need to keep secret?

We are in the mystery business, so try to not give everything away! Some parents enjoy doing the mystery with their kids, so try not to give away the specifics of the plot or how it all ends. But we're not too worried with you describing the experience. And please feel free to post to social media as the installments arrive!


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