"We just finished our second mystery - Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! So detailed and thoughtful and fun and my 11 year old daughter just loved it. Your mysteries exceed my expectations. I cannot say enough. I am ready to film a commercial for you.
Nicole R. 

"My 10 year old son is completely intrigued by the items he is receiving. He carries it all around with him everywhere and talks about it all the time. Such an awesome idea!"
Lanna M.


"Mail Order Mystery is literally the “whole package”: creative, inspiring, fun and wonderfully mysterious. You won't just be giving your kid puzzles to unlock - you’ll be unlocking your kid’s potential."

Kristin Garn
Educator / CEO of Mathtoons


"This will be the best $ you will spend on your kids or grands, and these folks have the best, fast, friendly, and efficient customer service ever. My grandchildren were both THRILLED by their mysteries, and their parents were delighted as well. Thanks so much!"
Emily H.

 "My 11 year old received this for her birthday - what a hit! She couldn't wait until the packages arrived, and carted everything around, and wrote multiple letters, and wore the necklaces. It is so well thought out, and even had her doing 10 minutes of 'mental preparation' a day as well as her 'exercises' to ready herself for the challenge of meeting a dragon. Well done, and so original, and SO worth the money!"
Tiffany S.


"Now this is DANG cool!"
Finley, age 10

Grad Gift Guide 2016: 10 Great Gifts for Grade Schoolers

"For a budding sleuth, there's no better gift than a mystery that unfolds through the mail. Young shamuses receive letters and objects like coins, keys or maps from different characters, and can use them to find clues, crack codes and solve the case with nary a screen in sight"

"Give your kids a reason to turn off their devices and engage with you and each other. Give them a reason to look forward to getting the mail. Mail Order Mysteries is an exceptionally fun experience."

"This has been one of my most favorite reviews I have done in almost five years of doing blog reviews. Two thumbs up for making Mail Order Mystery as exciting for parents as it was for my oldest child."

"At the end of every school year, we have an end of school celebration. This year we were pulling out of the driveway headed for a 2200 mile road trip. One of the very best choices we made for travel time was bringing along our end of school celebration activity. So much excitement! This was by far so worth every penny and one of the most memorable things from our long hours in the car."

"If you’re looking for a way to engage your kids in some reading practice, math skills, and critical thinking over the summer break, signing them up to receive a Mail Order Mystery would be a great surprise that lasts for a few weeks."

 Where was this when we were kids? Mail Order Mystery delivers several installments of mail with codes and clues to help them decipher a mystery and it is SO MUCH FUN!

"Your kids are going to love the adventure and you are going to love how the mystery captures (and keeps) their attention, encourages them (in a not at all obvious way) to practice reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, and (for those of you with more than one child) gets your children to communicate and work together!"


As seen in...


 "This has been such an exciting time of reading, clues and adventure! My son Isaiah, who is 10 years old, can not wait for the next available set. Keep up the mystery fun Mail Order Mystery!!!"
Salwah, happy mom with a boy who's spark of reading has been lit :)

"We absolutely LOVED this. I purchased the Pirate Adventure for my children (ages 10 and 12) and every week, we would receive in the mail the most put together and authentic looking notes, keys, clues and puzzles. They even went through the trouble of burning the edges of old paper. Totally worth every penny - it was well thought out, the puzzles were great and the things the kids got in the mail were much beyond my expectations. I couldn't be happier! Highly recommend!
-Ingrid H.

"My daughter and I work on these together while the little one naps and we have a great time bonding over the puzzles. You can tell that the company puts a lot of care and effort into the mysteries."
Sara M.


I loved this mystery so much because it told so many things about sharks and pirates. The first time I read the first clue  it sounded very exciting so that made me want the rest of the mystery. It was also funny and hard to crack the codes. This mystery was the BESTTTT!!!!!

Chetan, age 8


 "Best $100 I have ever spent on my daughter - plus I am having fun too!"
John, Dad of Ayshia (age 8)

"My son is 12, and he is loving every minute of it. He has a white board going at all times and cannot stop raving about it. He asked me to order every single Mystery you have!  The level of difficulty is perfect. Challenging, yet he can work and solve entirely independently. I have told friends and will continue to do so. It's a terrific thing!"
Sherry, Mom of Andrew (age 12)

"My daughter received her first letter yesterday and was beyond excited to tell me all about it! I mean she was just about out of breath trying to tell me all the details... It was awesome to see her like this! She even wanted me to let her go to one of the ancestry sites to see if she could find out more about her connection to the pirate in the letter... She took the letter and the clues to school today to show her best friend and the two of them sat at lunch and tried to figure out the code on the letter... I have to say, this was probably one of the best purchases I've ever made for her." 
Kellie, Mom of Rylee (age 10) 


Jada opens her treasure chest

"My three older kids loved having something special arrive in the mail. This first cipher sent them all off to research, studying codes and ciphers so they could solve it... I will say that my kids were thrilled by the last piece of mail that arrived. It was neat to see how the whole mystery was wrapped up."

"Mail Order Mystery is a fabulous company who has come up with an absolutely brilliant and FUN idea for kids!  Our son completed the Treasure Hunt! mystery which is 110% just perfect for him. Pirates, treasure, hidden keys, locked away treasures…how could a 9 year old boy even wish for anything more thrilling?!"

"I would love to have gotten something like that in the mail when I was a kid!"
Linnea, Mom of William and Spencer (age 9 and 7)

"This is so cool, wow, amazing." 
Frida (age 13)

"Max bellowed with joy when the second installment arrived. He is absolutely loving the experience! And haunting the mailbox!"
Elyse, Mom of Max 
(age 11)


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