Tell me more about Treasure Hunt!

Some of the letters, articles and objects you will get in the mail


Maps, keys, curses and sharks. Hidden treasure and scheming pirates. It all starts with a letter from a woman half-way across the world who finds an old key and a note from a long-dead pirate who happens to be your Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather. It’s up to you to find the family fortune, but can you keep it safe from double-crossing pirates? Who’s to know when a pirate’s telling the truth, yaarrr?

Mailing #1: A letter, a key and an ancient note from your Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather telling you about some buried loot. It is up to you to you find - and keep safe - the family fortune. And for any double-crossers out there: beware the Dread Pirate Curse!

Mailing # 2: An informative and useful magazine. Pay close attention to the puzzle page - there could be a message for you.

Mailing # 3: A letter from  the curator of the archives, a (different) key, a business card with a phone number to call and a copy of a treasure map that may be of interest to you. And by the way, if you have something that, perhaps, belongs in the archives, we would really like to have it back. Could you maybe give us a call and tell us what it is?

Mailing # 4: A note from the magazine editor along with a copy of an old article that may shed some light on the archivists' interest in pirate treasure. Your pirate treasure, perhaps?

Mailing # 5:  A letter and an old pirate map with directions to your buried treasure.  

Mailing # 6: The police have caught the pirates red-handed and they are sending the treasure back to you, the “rightful owner”. Check the keys to see which one fits the lock on the wooden treasure box full of pirate plunder.