Tell me more about The Enchanted Slumber

Some of the letters, articles and objects you will get in the mail


A Knight, a Troll, a Librarian and a Dragon need your help to wake a princess who has been asleep for 699 years. There’s no time to lose - as soon as she hits the year 700 - poof! That’s it! The Princess turns to dust. Can you solve the ciphers, crack the clues and put the pieces together in time? Can you do what no one else has been able to do in the last seven centuries? Have you got what it takes to be an unsuspecting Hero? In this twisting, turning take on an old fairy tale, nothing is as it seems.

Mailing #1: A letter from a knight whose family has been trying to wake the princess for generations and a wax-sealed mission just for you. Your First Mission: Wake the Princess. Best begin your knight training immediately.

Mailing #2: A letter from a troll who has been guarding a bridge that no one has tried to cross since the dragon burned down the village and all the people ran away. Can you solve his riddles? Will it help to wake the princess? And what about this mysterious necklace with this strange code etched into it?

Mailing #3: A second letter from the knight and more clues, a second mysterious necklace and a strange old note written in some sort of cipher.

Mailing #4: A second letter from the troll and a top secret package from the troll’s cousin with some very useful documents.

Mailing #5: A melancholy letter from a dragon who desperately misses his dear friend the Princess. He is trusting you with this last mysterious necklace - it’s his last hope for waking the Princess before it’s too late. Also some more riddles from the troll - this time will you please write him back?

Mailing #6: A beautiful hardcover book. In its pages you learn about the cruel Queen and the terrible witch who cast the spell on the Princess 699 years ago. You find out about the heartbroken dragon, the brave knight who tried to wake her and why their efforts failed. You learn how you (the unsuspecting hero) and your new friends finally succeed in waking the princess. She encloses a gift of gratitude for you but the happy ending doesn’t come so easily. There is one last mission you need to accept.  Your Final Mission: Love.