And The Winner Is...

We love the Academy Awards. Before we had kids we had a big Oscar Party every year, cake and all. After we had kids we would still watch the awards, but the time came when the only movies we had seen were animated. Now the kids are older, and we can see the movies again, but someone in our house is always upset because their favorite movie didn’t win.

So let’s put the joy back into the awards, we say! No losers, no mean jokes, no sucker punches on stage. Let’s give out some awards of our own!

And the winner is….

Our Most Popular Mail Order Mystery goes to: Treasure Hunt!
Treasure Hunt is a thrillin’ yarn packed full of pirates, double crossers and pirate booty! Who doesn’t love treasure? No one! Especially when this here treasure belongs to YOU!

Audience Favorite: The Case of the Missing Bigfoot
Mail Order Mysteries have received thousands of reviews and we are so pleased to say that most of them are five stars. All of our mysteries have excellent reviews, but the mystery that consistently gets the most love is The Case of the Missing Bigfoot, a detective style whodunnit set in a mansion near you.

Rising Star: Escape the Master Loop
Escape the Master Loop is our newest and most ambitious mystery. It’s a twisting, turning, time travel misadventure full of mishaps and mischief. The clues are colorful, surprising and fun, great to spread out on the kitchen table and puzzle through as a group.

Best Performance in a Leading Role…..
This one is easy. It’s YOUR KID! Mail Order Mysteries are personalized narrative adventures told through a series of letters and clues. Detectives, spies, pirates and knights need the help of your kid to save the day. This means that kids don’t just read the story, they are heroes of the story. They are star detectives, super spies, A-list knights, intrepid pirates and scene-stealing time travelers (shout out to their time traveling co-star Leonardo da Vinci!).

Congratulations and thank you to all of you for your support. We couldn’t have done any of this without you!