Easter Basket? ✅ Mystery Adventure? 🤩

We love Easter, even though we have no idea how or why it all fits together - the magical rabbit, the chocolate, the egg hunt. But why question it? Kids don’t. Of course a bunny materializes while they are sleeping and hides chocolate eggs in the most unexpected places.
We also love Easter gifts that give kids something to do for the rest of the day once the chocolate bunny is eaten down to a lump. If your kids enjoy searching all over the house for eggs, imagine how much they'll enjoy cracking codes, contemplating clues and solving one of our Mail Order Mysteries. It might even give you the chance to sneak away for a little Easter morning nap.
Order "All in One Box" and we'll send you all six installments at once so you can hand them out at your own pace. You can even make the first letter part of the Easter egg hunt. Or order "Send Weekly" and you can slip one of our printable gift notes into the Easter basket and choose to have the first letter arrive after Easter.