And the Winner Is: The Mystery of the Dead Baboon...

Every so often at Mail Order Mystery someone sends us a picture or a letter and we think, this is so awesome, we should have a contest for this kind of thing. And then we think, but wait, this would win the contest anyway. And then we think, let’s skip the contest and just announce the winner!

So we are pleased to announce the winner of the Contest We Never Had: Best Mystery Inspired by a Mail Order Mystery - The Mystery of the Dead Baboon. It is a thrilling whodunnit about a baboon who dropped dead while provoking a hippo, shortly after eating a snack that was previously stolen by another baboon. The circumstances are suspicious and mysterious, indeed. Who killed Babby the Baboon? Was it the hippo? Was it Bozo the Baboon? Or was it the notorious lake monster, Ogopogo?

Congratulations to Cailyn and Isaac for your awesome work. They did our mystery The Case of the Missing Bigfoot last year and it inspired them to come up with this mystery of their own. 

The Mystery of the Dead Baboon is 51 pages of intrigue, complete with backstory, ciphers and clues...

As well as some excellent photographic evidence necessary to crack the case...
As the winners of the Contest We Never Had, we will be sending Cailyn & Isaac a pair of “Lake Monsters” t-shirts from our Mystery Emporium (where you can buy all sorts of t-shirts, wall art, notebooks, water bottles and other cool stuff inspired by our mysteries).

The Case of the Dead Baboon is extremely limited edition and not available for sale, but we can contribute plenty of fun and mystery to your summer with the awesome whodunnit that inspired Cailyn & Isaac, The Case of the Missing Bigfoot

And if you have a picture or a letter or a slideshow that could be the winner of a Contest We Never Had, by all means send it to us! And if you have an idea for a contest you would like us to actually have, by all means let us know.