How Our Mysteries Inspire Real World Adventure

We love getting emails from people who are doing our mysteries. We design them with love, so it's pretty magical to hear about the different ways that kids are living their Mail Order Mystery experience. Like this email we recently got from a mom whose daughter is in the middle of The Enchanted Slumber.

We've heard about kids digging in the back yard looking for treasure, kids doing jousting practice to hone their noble knight skills, one junior detective dressed up as Vivian Quenby from The Case of the Missing Bigfoot. We even received a letter from a parent who was super peeved at us because her kids were finishing up the Treasure Hunt mystery and were demanding airplane tickets to the Seychelle Islands so they could keep searching for pirate treasure. We were sympathetic, of course, because it’s hard to say no to kids, even when they are begging for plane tickets. But we were also kind of thrilled. Her kids were so into the mystery that they actually wanted to fly halfway around the world to look for treasure.

This is the magic of doing a Mail Order Mystery. Every kid is different and each one's imagination takes them to a different place and a different adventure. The mystery is just the starting point. Where will your child's imagination take them?