Sneak Some Learning Into Your Summer Fun

It's hard to believe, but summer break is more than half over. And whether your kids dread it or can't wait for it, (or whether you dread it or can't wait for it), kids will be back to school in no time.

Even though summer flies by, it's still enough time for the infamous “summer slide" to set in. The "summer slide" is when everything that kids learned at school falls out of their heads and has to be stuffed back in again in September. The trick to slowing the summer slide is to keep kids thinking and reading, and that's what Mail Order Mystery is all about. This review is from a customer whose grandchildren just completed our Treasure Hunt mystery:

Our mysteries are always fun, but we are serious about the learning, too. Not only do our mysteries get kids reading and solving problems, each mystery is a mix of fiction and fact so if kids are interested in learning more about a subject they can dive right in.

Doing a Mail Order Mystery is a perfect way to get your kids' brains back in gear and get them reading again. And they'll be having so much fun they won't even realize that they're doing something that's good for them!