Send Weekly Is Back! ūüď¨

We know how much kids love getting mail. We love it too. But for the past year, we've only been able to offer our "All in One Box" shipping option where we package up all six mystery installments in one box and send them out together. Predictable mail delivery was one of the casualties of the pandemic. Mail Order Mysteries are stories that are told through a series of letters and it is important that these letters arrive in a timely manner and in the correct order. For the past year we haven't been confident that would happen, so we temporarily stopped offering our "Send Weekly" option.

But today we've got some good news. "Send Weekly" is back as a delivery option.¬†If you choose ‚ÄúAll in One Box‚ÄĚ we will still send all six installments in one box. But if you choose ‚ÄúSend Weekly‚ÄĚ we will once again mail one installment per week for six weeks.

You can choose the delivery option that works best for you.

With "Send Weekly" kids experience the joy of getting their own mail, but most installments are sent lettermail with no tracking info and delivery times can vary.

With "All in One Box" no waiting for letters means complete control over the pace of the mystery, and you can choose when to start each installment. This is a great option if you want us to send a package with tracking information or if you want to take the mystery on a trip away from home.

If you do choose "Send Weekly", please remember that mail service remains vulnerable to delays related to COVID-19 protocols and local outbreaks. If you choose this option, please be aware that your installments may arrive more slowly than usual, or arrive out of sequence. Please check the numbers on the back of the envelopes carefully to make sure that the installments are opened in the right order. If you are worried about potential mail delays, or if you live outside the United States and Canada, please choose our "All in One Box"option.