Bigfoot Likes Candy? We Examine the Latest Evidence.

Ever wonder what you would make for Bigfoot if Bigfoot came for dinner? Well now we know: Dessert.

A North Carolina woman who has seen evidence of Bigfoot living in the woods behind her house says she leaves food and she knows what they like to eat. “I take them things mostly like candy, cookies. They love peanut brittle, chocolate, peanut butter sandwiches," said Vicky Cook from Shelby, North Carolina, who has been seeing giant Bigfoot footprints around her property for the last several months. "They don't like apples and bananas."

Don't believe us? You can watch the remarkable interview with Vicky Cook on WCNC.

Bigfoot is a mysterious creature, and when it comes to Bigfoot evidence, it’s hard to say what’s real and what’s not. Which is why Bigfoot makes such an intriguing, but elusive suspect in our detective-themed Mail Order Mystery, The Case of the Missing Bigfoot.

The Case of the Missing Bigfoot takes place in an old mansion not far from where you live. A safe is cracked, the contents are missing. Detectives Mulberry and Perdu are on the case and they need your help to solve it. Bigfoot has been spotted in the mansion, driving a garbage truck, and who knows where we’ll spot him next. So this summer, keep your eyes peeled, because you just never know what you might see.