We Can Mail Your Mail Order Mystery Any Way You Like

We don’t expect you to stay in one place during the summer, so we can make your mystery work for you.

Normally we send one installment a week for six weeks.

But if the kids are going to stay with the grands for a few weeks, or if you are going on a family road trip, or if the cousins want to solve a mystery together at the cottage, we can pack up your mystery all in one box and ship it to you all at once so you can decide when and where to hand out the clues.

Just contact us as soon as you place your order.

We have four intriguing, engaging summertime adventures to choose from. All of our mysteries are great for kids between 8 and 13.

If your kids are a bit younger (6 or 7 and up) we recommend:
The pirate-themed Treasure Hunt!
The fairy-tale, knight and dragon themed Enchanted Slumber

For kids who are slightly older (9 and up) we recommend:
The espionage-themed Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys
The detective whodunnit The Case of the Missing Bigfoot

And don’t forget to please email your shipping request as soon as you place your order. We can’t make changes to an order once it is printed and packed.

Happy summer!