Can You Escape the Master Loop? Our New Mystery Launches April 28.

Can you Escape the Master Loop? Should you Escape the Master Loop? What the heck is a Master Loop? Did you even know that you are a time traveler? Did you know that you are a time traveler in a whole mess of trouble? And what does Leonardo da Vinci have to do with all of this? 

Fear not, magical traveler. All will soon be revealed. Or at least some of it will be revealed. The rest of it, you - and your future self - are going to have to figure out on your own. 

Our brand new mystery Escape the Master Loop launches a very short time from now. That’s now, like the present now. Not the past now where you accidentally created a new future. Or another past now where you messed with the Titanic one too many times. Or a future now, where, thanks to you, a dinosaur may be running for President.

Escape the Master Loop is available to order starting April 28.