Our New Mystery Has Launched! Now You Can Escape the Master Loop.

Escape the Master Loop is our brand new time travel mystery and it is now officially launched and available to the world! 

You may not know it, but your future self is causing all sorts of trouble in the time/space continuum. Every time you change something in the past (which you have done, many times) you create a new future (which you have done, many times). You and your future self need get to work, untangle your timelines, figure out what the heck happened to the Mona Lisa, where that dinosaur ran off to, and where you disappeared to in 3042.

And stop messing with the Titanic. Seriously. Stop messing with the Titanic. 

Escape the Master Loop is for kids age 9 and up, great to do as a family or group, and best to order all in one box.