Celebrate End-Of-School With an Awesome Experience Gift

School's out for summer!

Congratulations to all you parents and caregivers for making it through another school year! It was a lot of work for us grown-ups, of course, but let’s give credit where credit is due: to the kids!

They are the ones who did the homework, wrote the tests, and glued the fake grass to the dioramas. They are the ones who savored the success and suffered the setbacks. They are the ones who are moving on to the great unknowns of the next grade.  

To all those kids we say, woo-hoo! You did it! The end of a school year is something to celebrate, and what better way than a Mail Order Mystery?

Mail Order Mysteries make amazing graduation gifts. They are fun for the whole family and a great way to keep kids learning without even realizing that they are learning. Each mystery tells a story that unfolds through a series of personalized letters. Kids get mail - with their very own names on it - from pirates, trolls, spies, dragons, detectives, and even from themselves writing from the future. 

Mail Order Mysteries are more than just reading. Kids also get stuff! Each mystery comes with a series of objects (spy gadgets, keys, maps, necklaces etched with cipher codes, fake mustaches, wax sealed envelopes) and at the end of the experience, an extra special memento to remind kids of the summer you got them the best end-of-school year gift ever. 

And if you really want to remember this summer for years to come, try our new time travel mystery, Escape the Master Loop. You will receive your very own time capsule that you and your kid(s) can fill with future memories of this amazing time in your lives.