Canada Post Labour Disruption

Mail Order Mystery is based in Canada and Canada Post (which operates Canada’s national mail system) is currently experiencing rotating strikes that began in four Canadian cities this morning.

First the good news, if you live in the United States or outside of Canada we are able to ship from the US, directly with USPS. So there should be no delays with your mystery as a result of this labour disruption.

If you’re in Canada, we've been through a postal strike before and we are keeping a close eye on the situation. Right now the mail is still moving as the union representing Canada Post employees is just staging rotating strikes. So we will keep sending out mysteries as we normally would. Please pay close attention to the numbers on the backs of the envelopes. We will mail each installment each week as scheduled, but if your mail is disrupted and your installments arrive out of sequence, the envelopes will be numbered so you will know which order to open them.

If the rotating strikes become a full strike or lockout and the mail stops being delivered completely, there is really no cost effective way to deliver letter mail other than through the postal system. So if there is no mail delivery, we will have to temporarily suspend shipping installments in Canada. If you are in the middle of receiving a mystery the simplest thing to do will be to wait. We are hopeful that if there is an interruption to mail service it will be short and we will be able to resume shipping as soon as possible.

If mail delivery does stop completely, for Canadians who are in the middle of a mystery and just can’t wait, let us know which installments you have already received and we can pack up all of the remaining installments into a single package and send them to you via a courier company.

Thanks in advance for your patience. We’ll send additional updates as more information becomes available. And if you have any questions, contact us anytime.