Tell Me More About the Case of the Missing Bigfoot

Part of the experience of receiving a Mail Order Mystery is the thrill of rushing to the mailbox to see what curious letter, intriguing scrap of paper filled with ciphers or unusual object has arrived.

But if you're sending someone a Mail Order Mystery, you may want to know what exactly they're going to be receiving. So we put together this mailing-by-mailing breakdown of what is in our newest mystery: The Case of the Missing Bigfoot. (Warning: Spoiler alert! Stop reading now if you want to be surprised along with the child you you're sending the mystery to.)

An old mansion. A secret organization. A dinner party about to begin. The lights go out, there’s an upset in the dining room, an upset in the upstairs hall. The lights come on, the safe is open and the contents are gone. Who did it? Everyone at the mansion that night is a suspect, including the butler. And what about the open door? And did one of the guests really see Bigfoot headed down the front stairs?

Mailing #1: A letter from the detectives on the case. (They need your help!) A photo of the “crime scene”, a book excerpt, a dropped dinner invitation, a copy of the guest list, an unfinished speech, and an unusual photo from a local newspaper.

Mailing #2: A letter from the detectives, a case update, and everything you need to keep track of the case: a poster-sized “suspect board”, a suspect card for each guest (including fingerprints), your own notebook, a curious scrap of paper with a series of numbers on it and interview transcripts from two of the suspects.

Mailing #3: A case update, a sealed fingerprint report from the detective agency’s lab, excerpt of a book about ciphers and codes, another mysterious cipher message, interview transcripts from two more suspects, a curious fiber the butler found on the dining room carpet and a new suspect card to add to your suspect board.

Mailing #4: A case update, three interview transcripts, another strange message written in cipher and a special issue of a magazine.  

Mailing #5: A case update, a message written in cipher and two very important photographs.

Mailing #6: A case summary, a sealed confession, and a special thank you from the owner of the mansion. She welcomes you as an honorary member of her secret organization and sends along a thank you gift: your very own cryptid hunting field kit. It includes a full-color set of collector cards, a notebook and a super-cool canvas field bag to take along on your next expedition. Bon voyage, good luck, and if you discover any unknown animals be sure to tell us all about it!