Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day With a Special Discount!

Ahoy Mateys! Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Originally founded 19 years ago by 
John Baur and Mark Summers, aka “Ol' Chumbucket” and “Cap'n Slappy,” Talk Like a Pirate Day has caught on all over the swashbuckling world.

There were some great years when any old lubber could walk into a Krispy Kreme on September 19th and get free donuts for letting loose a few words of Pirate Speak. But avast! For the third year in a row those scurvy scalliwags at Krispy Kreme have denied pirates their free donut treats

The only way for pirates to claim their free Krispy Kremes is to brave the stormy seas of Australia, where the donut emporiums still have respect for the cutlass, the hornpipe and the good old Jolly Roger. 

Rest assured, fellow Buccaneers, that we here at Mail Order Mystery have plenty of time for the pirate talking ways. We may not have free donuts, but we can offer you 5% off Treasure Hunt, our top-selling, best-rated mystery. It’s piratey through and through! Just enter the code YAAAR at checkout. Shiver me timbers! The offer is only good during Talk Like a Pirate Day, so you've got until midnight to redeem it.