Awesome T-Shirt Sale at the Mystery Emporium

Awesome T-shirts are hard to find. Goodness knows we’ve peered sadly into enough empty drawers at the start of the school year and had to run to the mall to buy an armload of shirts with superhero logos and cats, sloths or dogs on skateboards saying things like “Stay Cool”. 

So look no further, because we have a ton of great Tees at our Mystery Emporium. And until the end of the week they are on sale. In fact, until the end of the week everything at the Mystery Emporium is 10% off when you enter the promo code MYSTERYTEE at checkout. 

The Mystery Emporium is full of great gifts for kids who are about to begin a Mail Order Mystery, just finishing a Mail Order Mystery and want a memento of their intriguing adventure, or just need something great to wear. And we’ve got adult sizes too!

But hurry, the discount code is only valid until Sunday night. And only on t-shirts and other acessories at the Mystery Emporium.