Mail Order Mystery + School = LOVE

When we created Mail Order Mystery we had in mind an experience for families, for a kid or small group of sibs in a single household. But life is full of surprises, and one particularly happy surprise is that Mail Order Mysteries can, and often are, successfully adapted to a large group in a classroom setting. We are constantly sending out mysteries addressed to “Miss X’s Classroom”, or “Mr. Y’s Grade 4s” and so on. 

Teachers order mysteries for their classrooms, parents order mysteries for their kids’ classrooms, and one principal even got the school council behind the project and ordered a mystery for every classroom in the school. That’s right. Every kid in the entire school is participating in a Mail Order Mystery at the same time.

As you might imagine, we are extremely excited about this. The picture above is the door of the library, ready for the adventure to begin. 

It’s no secret that Mail Order Mystery has a mission to make reading, learning and problem-solving fun, so we are over the moon when we hear back from teachers about the great experience they had in their classrooms. And the best part is hearing about the fantastically imaginative ways that kids and teachers choose to explore the creative and learning possibilities opened up by their mysteries. Check out what these kids did with their Treasure Hunt mystery! Shiver me timbers, matey, this is extraordinary!


These pictures are from educator Lhana Van Lamsweerde’s classroom, and this is what she had to say about the experience:

“My 13 students got thoroughly wrapped up in this adventure! Yes, I decorated the classroom appropriately, and they created island treasure maps of their own, but it was the anticipation each week waiting for the front office calling into the classroom announcing a letter delivery! The ciphers were a favorite activity and the kids now write secret cipher messages to each other. I begin Mondays with a cipher to my class. The pirate booty was FANTASTIC!! Parents are coming into the classroom to view the letters, maps, and other artifacts. Everyone had fun with this!!”

Woo-hoo! Way to make learning super fun!