Here’s Hopping for the Perfect Easter Gift

Easter is a vexing time for gifts. Like all holidays, it requires planning. You need to come up with candy and gifts, and not just any gifts, but small gifts that fit inside an Easter basket. You can get bigger gifts, of course. You can go the scavenger hunt route and plant an elaborate series of clues that lead to the big-ticket item hidden in the broom closet (a plan which will be foiled if your clues get discovered during the egg-hunt). You can also wrap the bigger presents and put the basket next to them or on top. But in our opinion, it is all much tidier, more elegant and somehow more satisfying when the gifts all fit into that dollar store straw basket with the marshmallow chicks and fake grass.

Here is our Easter checklist, just to make things easier for you:

  • hollow plastic eggs
  • chocolate eggs to go inside the hollow plastic eggs
  • straw basket
  • weird purple plastic “grass”
  • giant solid chocolate bunny
  • adorable, useless stuffies to go into easter basket
  • new markers, pencil crayons and erasers to go into easter basket
  • live baby bunny (ok that one was vetoed)
  • live baby chick (not even taken seriously)
  • a Mail Order Mystery
Because you know what fits perfectly into a basket? A gift note announcing that a Mail Order Mystery will soon arrive. We've got some gift notes that you can print or you can make your own.

You can then pick a ship date so the first installment arrives just after Easter. Will it be a letter from a knight bequeathing an age-old mission to your heroic child? A letter from a woman who found a strange key and an old note written by a pirate who happens to be your child’s great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather? Or an acceptance letter to spy school with your child’s name on it?  That part is up to you.