We ❤ the Earth

Sunday, April 22 is Earth Day. We celebrate Earth day every year by saying “Hey it’s Earth Day”, and then we go about our usual weekend activities. And then every year we say, shouldn’t we be doing more? And the answer is yes, of course. We should all be doing more. All the time. But what? There is so much to do. It’s like when the kids’ rooms get so messy that they actually don’t know where to start, and you have to sit there with them and say “Ok, put away the Lego. Now pick up the books.” But with the earth, who even knows where to start?

All of our Mail Order Mysteries are first and foremost fun, but they each have an important message. Be careful what you say to strangers. Be careful what you say on the internet. But our fairy-tale mystery, the Enchanted Slumber, is the one in which the message is closest to our hearts, and to the earth. Here is an excerpt from the mystery’s final noble mission, which is entrusted to our young heroes:

Put up your hand
And take a stand

For every bird and every bee
Every flower and every tree
Every frog and every sea

And if you falter
And if you fall
If you can’t go on
For the weight of it all

Reach out a hand
For your friends

A heart alone is a wavering flame
Joined together a mighty blaze

The answer
Is always

We may not know the best thing to do for the earth, what to do first, or what to do next, or how to fix the oceans or the coastlines or the farmland or the forests. But we do know how to love. And anyone with a child in their life knows that we always fight the hardest for the things we love.