The Best Plans Are Mysterious Plans

The older our kids get the more jealous we get of their summer camp options: behind-the-scenes at the museum, improv comedy, sailing, space camp… you name it they can do it. The problem is that booking these camps is like a competitive sport, and we are, at best, passable at it. Just a few weeks ago we tried to book a camp that was full - and it was more than five months out. Five months! What the heck?!

If you’ve got some gaps in your summer calendar or if you like to leave a few - or a lot - of weeks open, why not add some mystery to the plan? Mail Order Mysteries are extremely engaging, personalized stories in which your child is the hero. Whether it’s outsmarting an evil villain, finding pirate treasure or helping a troll and a dragon on a noble mission, kids solve the clues, crack the codes and save the day.

No “sorry-we’re-full-do-you-want-a-spot-on-the-waitlist”, no endless registration forms, no trying to book the spot five months ahead. We send Mail Order Mysteries anywhere the post office delivers mail, to places where the summer camps are full, the summer camps are dull and even to where there are no summer camps at all. You can order now and choose the date you would like the mystery to begin.

And if you happen to be going somewhere the post office does not deliver mail, we can ship your mystery to you ahead of time, all in one box, and you can pack it in your suitcase and take it with you to your cottage or on your road-trip or in your canoe.  

Mail Order Mysteries are perfect for all of your plans. Even if you only have part of a plan. Or no plan at all.

Five months out. Seriously.