Holiday Shipping Dates

We are now past the dates we recommended ordering by for delivery before Christmas. But a Mail Order Mystery still makes a great last minute gift. After you place an order, you can download a special gift note that you can print out (or even email) letting a child know that they’re about to receive a Mail Order Mystery.

And because we’re currently shipping all mysteries “All in One Box” you get all of the installments at once so they can be doled out as quickly (or slowly) as you choose. 


These are the dates we recommend that you order by so that your mystery is delivered by December 24. Every mystery we send out is personalized, so it does take some time from when you place your order to when it ships. Every shipping carrier we work with is experiencing delivery delays and some of these delays are significant. Because of this we are unable to guarantee the date any mystery will be delivered.

Please remember that these are only guidelines. Some mysteries may be delivered more quickly, but due to delivery delays beyond our control, it is possible that some packages may be delivered after December 24, especially if you live outside of a major city.

Standard December 13
Express December 17

CANADA - Ontario
Standard December 13
Express December 17

CANADA - Outside Ontario
Standard December 8
Express December 13

All Orders Orders will likely arrive after December 24

If you’re worried that your mystery won’t arrive in time, don’t despair! We have printable gift notes that you can print out and give to the child letting them know that their mystery experience will soon begin.

Right now our only available shipping option is “All in One Box” 
This means everything will be packed together in one trackable box as opposed to sending a series of weekly installments. The letters inside the box will be packaged the same way as if we were mailing them, so you can hand them out at your own pace or even stash them in the mailbox for kids to discover.  You can choose the name you would like on the shipping label. The letters inside the box will still be addressed to the kid(s) receiving the mystery.

Our “Send Weekly” option is currently unavailable
We know that kids love getting mail. Everyone loves getting mail. But the postal system continues to be overwhelmed and letter mail continues to travel at unpredictable speeds. Mail Order Mysteries are narrative-based story adventures, which means that all the letters need to arrive on time, in the correct order. If the letters arrive out of sequence, or not at all, a kid’s experience could be ruined. We promise to keep a close eye on the mail situation, but for now - at least until the new year - we will offer “All in One Box” as the only available shipping method.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.