Keep Family Connected With a Mystery

As we head into this holiday season many of us are feeling the toll of living through 2020. It’s been a tough year. We miss our pals. A lot of us are choosing not to travel, many of us are back into some version of lockdown. Other than the people we live with, we may not get to be with family this holiday season.

For so many of us, the best part of the holidays is being together and we are all doing our best to stay close any we can. It makes us happy when we see that families are finding ways to connect, even long-distance. This review came to us from Sharyn; she lives in Canada and her grand-daugther lives in the US: 

"My 9 year old granddaughter & I worked together on the Enchanted Slumber mystery...I am in Canada & she is in North Carolina. She loved it & has requested another one for Christmas. A super exercise in fun & putting the brain to work, especially in these trying times. Although we won’t be together at Christmas for the first time in her life, working on the new mystery helps to keep us close."
-Sharyn ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The holidays are often a time for reflection, and we think back to all those late night Christmas eves building wooden kitchens and early morning Playmobil pirate ships and Lego trains. We remember all of the missing pieces and parts thrown out with the wrapping paper and all of those improvised fixes that we came up with in the moment to hold things together. But no fix has been more challenging than the one that we have to come up with this year, and that’s having to improvise a way to hold our families together.

Our holiday wish is that each and every one of you finds a way to connect, that each and every one of you finds a way to send and receive the love, comfort, gratitude and compassion we all need right now. Let us all hold close every memory and every moment of connection, even if we may not be able to hold each other.