Keep Kids Active with a Mail Order Mystery

In our Enchanted Slumber mystery, things are not always as they seem. In this twisting, turning take on the classic fairy tale, the knight is not much of a hero, the dragon is sensitive and kind, the troll loves books and the happy ending requires teamwork. 

Another twist in the Enchanted Slumber is that in order for kids to prepare themselves for a mission involving a seven-century long sleep, they must be awake, alert and fit. Knight training is serious business.

These are the Official Rules and Guidelines for Accepting the Noble Mission in the Enchanted Slumber, which arrives in a wax-sealed envelope, written on parchment and addressed directly to your child from a knight by the name of Sir Homer d’Homer: 

  1. Condition Your Body: Each day you must joust in the morning and sword-fight in the afternoon. And if, for some reason, your horse, jousting stick and sword are not at hand, you will do twenty jumping jacks, ten push-ups, fifteen sit-ups and a downward-facing yoga dog each morning before breakfast.
  2. Condition Your Mind: Read everything you can. My father recommended to me “Ye Olde Dunderhead’s Guide to Rousing a Sleeping Princess”, which was written by one of our ancestors a long time ago. But she’s still asleep, so a fat lot of good it did any of them. Read whatever you wish. Just keep your mind sharp.
  3. Remain Calm and Alert: This may sound odd, but the best way to learn to think fast is to learn to think about nothing. You must have a clear head. To do this, you will sit perfectly still for ten minutes each day with your eyes closed and concentrate on your breathing. It sounds boring, but it will serve you well when you are battling a dragon. Not that you will be battling a dragon. Okay, well, you may be battling a dragon. But don’t worry. Everything will be fine.